Egg Apron Pattern — Printed Book, B&W

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Use an egg gathering apron to collect your eggs in style! Use this easy-to-follow pattern to start making your very own today. A fun and safe way to get your chicken's eggs from the coop to your kitchen. 

A perfect gift idea for your chicken-loving friend!

>>This pattern is sold as a PHYSICAL, PRINTED BLACK & WHITE BOOK!<<

I'll ship it to you! :)

The book measures: 8.5 x 11 inches and is 24 pages long. (Magazine-like in thickness and size.)

Skill level: Beginner (although it is helpful to have some experience).

Egg Gathering Apron Features

Each egg gathering apron has five or ten pockets. Each pocket is designed to hold one egg, keeping them safe from bumping into each other.

Tie it on and you’er ready to go... Collect your eggs with no worries!