Egg Apron Pattern For Kids--Printed Book, 2nd edition full color

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Egg gathering apron pattern is now available for kids! Make an egg gathering apron for your child or toddler that they will love. 

Children can collect eggs in style! With these cute, red-check, farm girl, country cotton calico, egg gathering aprons! Keep your eggs safe as they make their way into your house.


This patter/tutorial offers step-by-step instructions to help you make your own egg gathering apron. 

>>This pattern is sold as a PHYSICAL, PRINTED, FULL COLOR BOOK!<<

I'll ship it to you! :)

The book measures: 8.5 x 11 inches and is 26 pages long. (Magazine-like in thickness and size.)

Skill level: Beginner (although it is helpful to have some experience).