*Simple* Meal Planner Printable

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A simple meal planner for those who are tired of the big, detailed, multi-page planners. This printable is designed to be very simple and easy to use.


Meal Planner

This section of the page is designed to help you plan out your meals.

The days of the week are left out on purpose. Let's be honest, everyone knows how meal planning goes, you plan out a week then life happens and changes your plans. That's why I think you'll like that the days of the week are left out of this planner. These are meal suggestions you know you have ingredients for. Once you make the meal, cross it out and you'll know what meals you have left to make as the week goes on. 


2 Meal & 3 Meal a Day Options 

Their are two pages in this printable: one with two meals a day and another with three meals a day. You can plan out breakfast and dinner or all three depending on how many meals you need to plan per day.


Food Prep & Notes

Here you can note any weekly food prep chores like "chop onions", "cook beans", "make salad in a jar", etc. 

You can also use this area for any other important menu-related notes. 


Shopping List

The best part of this shopping list is it's designed to be cut off from the meal plan so you can take just the list in the store with you! No need to haul in the whole cumbersome menu. (Plus if you're like me, your less likely to loose the rest of your meal plan. ;-) )


How to Plan 

You can use your loose page as is, clip it into a kitchen binder, or stick it to the refrigerator with magnets or masking tape. 


This is a PDF instant download. It's formatted for 8.5" x 11"

Print as many as you'd like for your own personal use. You may not give away or resell.