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Garden Planner {200+ pages}

Garden Planner {200+ pages}

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The Ultimate Vegetable Garden Planner is now here to help you both plan and record your whole gardening year! Second edition now available! 

With over 200 pages, this planner is ready for you to download and clamp into your new gardening binder to start planning your garden right now. 


Use a Garden Planner to Help You:

  1. Take control
  2. Plan ahead with long-term, monthly & weekly goal setting & charts
  3. Know what you planted & how much you harvested
  4. Know what soil amendments used & where
  5. Know what pests popped up & on which plants
  6. Save money & brain cells :-)


Plan out your pathway to a successful garden harvest with this easy-to-use vegetable garden planner. It’s perfect for the first time gardener, or pros who are looking for a better way to organize their garden.


Pages Included in the Vegetable Garden Planner:

  • Long-term garden goals
  • Seasonal gardening tasks
  • Gardening project check lists
  • Monthly gardening chores
  • Monthly calendar pages
  • Pages for notes
  • Weekly & daily tasks checklist
  • Weekly journal pages
  • Garden bed planning pages & graph paper
  • Seed starting log
  • Cutting & transplants log
  • Harvest records
  • Pests & control method tracker
  • Weed & control method tracker
  • Crop rotation tracker
  • Soil amendments tracker
  • Budget plan & garden expenses tracker
  • Companion planting chart
  • Natural pest repellants list
  • Gardening notes
  • …and more!


Plan your best garden into action today with this amazing vegetable garden planner!

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